Friday, January 16, 2009


From the very first correspondence from Ms. York, I could tell that this was going to be a great relationship! Her tenacity, careful planning and calculated execution have proven to have a significant impact on our campus.

We met very early in November, drafting plans for introducing art programs to our students, K-6. She met thereafter with our Resource Development Coordinator and Small Learning Community Coordinator.

Her schedule serves the entire campus. Meg brought in donated items, agreeing to allow us to keep them. Her planning was meticulous as demonstrated by careful and deliberate quality classroom experiences, culminating in quality art work.

Meg's demonstrated a keen inner gift for managing a very demanding schedule, highly varied interest & ability levels, diverse teacher expectations and a challenging group of students.

This is a productive and meaningful experience for the Children First family. We have even built our upcoming parent night around an "art walk" gallery experience - based on her success as a teacher! Our current staff members laud her with praise for her planning, execution and the very obvious impact she's having on our students.

All this in the first week.

Meg, you've set the bar very high for us, and for artists who'll follow. Thank you.

Life is beautiful.

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Anonymous said...

This sounds so amazing. What an enriching hands on experience for our students! I wish I could be there to see the beautiful expressions of life our children will create.

Vanessa Green