Friday, April 24, 2009

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Take Me Out To The Ball Game!!!

Hat tip to the Arizona Diamondbacks Community Affairs Department! Maxine Royer awards our students with tickets to a baseball game - a reward for demonstrating good character and making provident choices. These are our best and brightest!

Baseball is Brilliant!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Every Kid Counts has arranged for the donation of 60 lap top computers to the students of CFA-Phoenix.

At an Executive Board Meeting today, the members voted unanimously to change the lives of over 250 children of homeless families. Adding a the component of a mobile technology infrastructure is an overwhelming cost for any school - the impact will be felt for years to come!

Students and teachers are looking forward to putting these computers to work!

Thanks EKC!

Technology is Brilliant!

To learn more about Every Kid Counts and their rich philanthropic history, upcoming events and projects please visit WWW.EVERYKIDCOUNTS.ORG.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Family Picture Night

How many of you have a family picture? Dogs, cats, brothers, sisters, la de da de everybody? It is comforting to look up on the wall and see that group, reminisce, and maybe poke a little fun at Dad's receding hair line...

Through Each Others Eyes spent all afternoon and evening taking family pictures for 55 of our CFA families! Cutting Edge Style Academy donated 13 sytlists, hair brushes, combs, gel and all the hair fixins you could shake a stick at!

For some, this was their first family picture ever. Thank you to Mrs. Wellman, Mr. Frank, Ms. Gerdon and Mrs. Felix for pulling late hours to support our families.

55 families! Let's triple it next year!

Tim Wilkinson of ING

Tim and his team of exceptional individuals stopped by our school on Monday to PUMP US UP!

He spoke to us about setting goals. He told us how incredibly talented the kids are and how proud of us he is in all that we have accomplished!

Tim GAVE us his Test Taking Tips - FOR FREE! Don't tell anyone!

1. Mental house-cleaning - get rid of all the negative thoughts.
2. Focus - stay with each question and do your best.
3. Set goals and review them every day.

Tim, thank you so much!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Now that's a mouthful!

Our partnership with Community Dental continues. This month alone...

15 children seen and finished treatment plans
60% has no dental history.
13% saw a dentist more than 1 yr ago.
27% saw a dentist within one year

We were able to combat 85 cavities!!! The following is the breakdown:
79 surface fillings were done
2 extractions
4 stainless steel crown
4 baby root canals

CFA has also changed their breakfast menu to reflect our efforts to provide a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Hearts to Hands provides our children with monthly birthday parties - and they bring healthy snacks and stimulating family/children games for the benefit of the children!

For more information go here and here.